Editor-in-chief – William Tyler [еdі[email protected]]
William has 10+ years of experience in journalism through various roles in publishing houses and local newspapers in Pennsylvania. William played an instrumental role in establishing His motto has been to deliver news precisely and in a concise manner.

Еditоr’s Staff

Contributor – Amelie Mason [[email protected]]
Amelie has 5+ years of experience in the news industry with a couple of major gigs at local newspapers in her home state Texas. Thanks to her experience as a reporter, she has gained the ability to work unsupervised and that enables her to churn out news stories speedily as they happen.

Contributor – Michael Baxter [[email protected]]
Michael loves reading and travelling and this passion has taken him to new places. Communication has been key for Michael as he meets new people from around the world. He is well versed in French, Spanish and German.

Contributor – Rob Hiaasen [[email protected]]
Though entrusted with contributor responsibilities, Rob also handles sub-editing role thanks to his fantastic spelling and language structure abilities. A long time of working with daily newspaper has given him extensive exposure to a number of formats of writing.

Contributor – Steve Reilly [[email protected]]
As an accomplished author, Steve can comprehend what inspires readers. Steve can cover any news story thrown at him – be it in business, industry, research, health care or world news.

Contributor – Lars Charter [[email protected]]
When he’s not checking his own investment accounts, Lars is writing about publicly traded companies, as he has done for over ten years. When he’s not trying to earn money, Lars can often be found spending money at his favorite local sporting goods store.

Contributor – Maria Luz-Campos [[email protected]]
Having worked in journalism for fifteen years, Maria’s favorite topics to cover are banking and finance. Lately, she’s become interested in cryptocurrency as well and hopes to see wider adoption of cryptocurrency in the future.