The Latest family lawyer says wife targeted

10:55 p.m.

A lawyer for the family of Carlos Ghosn is accusing Japanese prosecutors of targeting his spouse and yanking her personal pc, telephone and passport during Ghosn’s most up-to-date arrest.

Lawyer Jessica Finelle told The Associated Press in Paris that the family is”very shocked” which Tokyo prosecutors detained Ghosn for a fourth period Thursday. He denies wrongdoing.

Finelle accused Japanese police of trying to”shut up him,” because Ghosn was arrested only after he announced plans for a news conference next week. She explained the new arrest has been”pure apology”

The attorney said his wife Carole was searched by the authorities and obtained on her computer, cell phone and passport, as well as trades with lawyers.

Carole Ghosn hasn’t yet been charged in the investigation, on the reason they seized the possessions of the wife and prosecutors didn’t comment Thursday. The prosecutors said the new arrest had been based on a new offense.

Ghosn led Japan’s Nissan and also the Renault of France .


6:30 p.m.

A Tokyo prosecutor has defeated the re-arrest and detention of both Nissan’s former chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Shin Kukimoto, deputy chief prosecutor at Tokyo District Prosecutors’ Office, said Thursday the allegations on the other side of the arrest, the fourth largest since Nov. 19, are a new, separate case involving different motives and people.

He said about he would destroy evidence regarding the 22, Ghosn had to be arrested because of concerns and flight risk.

Kukimoto does not cover the latest allegations of violation of trust involving different people and businesses and stated Ghosn’s release on bail March 6 was because of his charges. He refused to identify three firms allegedly involved suspect obligations.

He refused to confirm if prosecutors had confiscated a mobile phone and other items from Ghosn’s wife.


5:15 p.m.

Troubled car executive Carlos Ghosn is asking the French government to help shield him amid accusations of financial wrongdoing he denounces as”lies.”

Ghosn gave an interview with the TFI tv of France until he was detained Thursday by prosecutors investigating him for alleged misconduct. Ghosn led Japan’s Nissan and the Renault of France before his initial arrest in November.

In the meeting, that aired Thursday, he insisted”I am innocent” and explained”I’m calling on the French government to shield me and preserve my rights” as a French citizen facing legal trouble abroad.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called Ghosn a citizen just like any other people who”benefits from the presumption of innocence… and consular protection” But Le Maire, speaking Thursday about BFM television, called for further research into how things were run at Renault.

The French authorities is a vital Renault shareholder.


3:30 p.m.

The attorney for former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn has slammed his latest arrest as”hostage justice” and stressed that Ghosn met the conditions for release on bail from detention.

Ghosn was arrested first in November and has been released a month following having a Tokyo court wouldn’t tamper with evidence in his misconduct case and discovered he wasn’t a flight risk.

Lawyer Junichiro Hironaka said the most recent arrest on Thursday was motivated by a desire to stress Ghosn and could hurt the effort to prepare for the trial of the legal team.

Hironakatold the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan which”This goes contrary to what is defined by law. This ought never to be allowed.”

He called the multiple arrests as”hostage justice,” a term frequently used by critics of this tactic which prolongs pretrial detentions.

The attorney said prosecutors had averted Ghosn a week, from speaking at a news conference and would release a movie soon.


1 p.m.

A Tokyo detention centre has verified that Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn has been already detained inside the facility after arrest over his newest allegations.

Tokyo Detention House official Takao Sekihara confirmed Ghosn was inside Thursday afternoon.

Tokyo prosecutors said Ghosn arrest was based on suspicion that he redirected $5 million which were being relayed from a Nissan subsidiary into a dealership overseas.

The arrest comes barely a month later the release on bond of Ghosn from the arrests related to misconduct while he led the Japanese automaker.

An analysis by Nissan Motor Co.’s French cooperation partner Renault has focused on obligations into a dealership in Oman where a number of the money is suspected of being steered for Ghosn’s personal use.

Ghosn insisted on his innocence.


11:30 a.m.

Tokyo prosecutors state Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s latest arrest was based on suspicion that he diverted $5 million from funds that were being relayed to an abroad dealership from a Nissan subsidiary.

TV footage Thursday morning showed officials entering Ghosn’s flat, and a car afterwards going into the prosecutors’ office, barely a month after Ghosn was discharged on bond from the prior arrests related to alleged financial misconduct while he led the Japanese automaker.

In a statement Ghosn ardently declared that his innocence. He was first arrested in November on charges of under-reporting his settlement.

The prosecutors stated of going the money that was diverted is supposed. The statement Thursday issued didn’t cite Oman. However, an investigation with Nissan Motor Co.’s French cooperation partner Renault has based on payments to a dealership in Oman in which a number of the cash is suspected of having been channeled for Ghosn’s personal use.


10 a.m.

Nissan’s former Chairman Carlos Ghosn says he’s been arrested a fourth time with Tokyo prosecutors investigating him.

The prosecutors said that they will issue a statement but declined comment. Japanese TV footage revealed officials entering Ghosn’s apartment in Tokyo and going to the prosecutors’ office.

Ghosn also had words about his detention in a statement and announced his innocence. The spokesman wouldn’t be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation.

It stated:”My arrest this morning is ridiculous and random. It is a component of another attempt by some people at Nissan by misleading the prosecutors to silence . Why detain me try to break me? I am not going to be broken. I’m innocent of the groundless charges and accusations against me.”

Ghosn was first detained in November and twice in December, each one prolonging his pretrial detention.


7:20 a.m.

The former Chairman Carlos Ghosn of Nissan has been taken by japanese prosecutors for questioning barely a month later he had been released on misconduct charges.

Japanese TV footage showed officials entering Ghosn’s flat in Tokyo Thursday, and also a vehicle later going to the prosecutors’ office.

He can confront what’s going to be his fourth arrest under Japanese law. He was arrested in November. He was re-arrested double in December, including breach of trust fees. The arrests prolong detentions .

The latest charge seems to be about the investigation by Nissan Motor Co.’s French alliance partner Renault concerning obligations in Oman to some significant dealership, a few of which can be suspected of being channeled for Ghosn’s personal use.